Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Missing My Good Time ♥

i miss my past. my really good past. the best memories ever.
i ♥ my family. i ♥ my friends. i ♥ my cats.
i ♥ my school. i ♥ my teachers. i ♥ homeworks.
i ♥ to chill. i ♥ to hang. i ♥ to gossip.
i ♥ my freedom with limit.
i ♥ when life was being fair towards me.
i ♥ when i feel very close to Him.
i ♥ im doing the good things.
i ♥ that i hate the bad things.
i ♥ when my mom & dad proud of me.
i ♥ that i have no boyfriend.
i ♥ i could be friends with anybody even with drug addict.
i ♥ my time was very valueable.
i ♥ that i could sing happily with no worry.
i ♥ i could decide on my own.
i ♥ my family always support me.
i ♥ nobody hate me.

i ♥ my life. :)

i ♥ my life
even now life is treating me like underdog.
even i lost my good time.
even im going to the bottom of life wheel.
even the happiness is not mine, even it is, its not real.
even i have to pretend that im good.
even my smile is fake.
even my family no longer trust me.
even i lost a lot of friends.
even i lost my love.
even i lost my bright future.
even i regret with what im doing.
even the time cannot return back.
even i have to cry everytime with no reason.
even people think i have lost my mind.
even everybody hate me.

no matter what i still ♥ what life im going through.


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