Monday, 5 December 2011

Pieces of Heart

Dear Uuu,
Sorry im not a good lover as i did before.
Sorry I cant spend so much time with u as I've being so busy.
Sorry my love not strong enough like as u love me.
Sorry I cant take care of u very well coz I'm so far from u.
Sorry if u felt like i dunt care much bout u.
Sorry I cant be ur gud n loyal companion every each time.
Sorry for making u sad while im happy
Sorry for hurting u but i didnt meant it
Sorry for broke ur heart coz i dun noe ur heart was so fragile
Sorry I cant take it anymore.
Sorry for everything as there are so much sorry that i wanna say.
Sorry. Thats all i can say :'( nothing much i can do.

U such a good lover. & I wanna LOVE U. but I cant ;( i dont deserve for u. I try so hard before. & pretending that I'm so in luv wif u. But actually its only just not more dari perasaan suka & sayang. Rite now i belief theres no cinta from me for u. I lie u while i trying to luv u. I fail to fall in love wif u =(( Once again, Im sorry...

I have a teribble life before which is nobody knows bout this, and the only one knows is my family but not all they know bout it :) & i have ever promise to myself to face it alone and wont tell it to anyone. The past leave me a big scar which i cant forget! Now, there are no more tears anymore. But tonite all that burst & hurt me again. & i cant keep it any longer. The time have come. & it burst. Everything juz hit on my head. and i cant think any. I'm hopeless. So, i'll let it go one by one....

I dont want u to be like one of my past. So, i'll let u go first as i also cant love u sincerely :( Its better to hurt rite now than to be hurt later, coz i know it much more painfull..

I Love U. yes. but, the love only a love of a fren :) not more than that. Hope u'll understand :)

Take care dear. & Thx for everything :) & Hopefully u'll get a better life after this & get someone who can really love u, take care of u & make u happy ever after :D

With Love,
Red :)

i found this message which i sent to you when you were at Aussie for your medical treatment as I cant go and visit you there while you really hope that i'll be beside you on that time. since i sent you the message i never get any reply from you. still im waiting and wondering why. i know i have hurt you. but at least give me a response. but you just left me quitly and you hurt me more than i do. i really want to explain why. but i cant find you. i lost you and left me with tears all night. untill one day i decide to leave all the memories of you and start a new day with forgetting you. glad i did it. but its not easy. still wondering if you have forgiven me or not. a long time had gone. but suddenly i remember you when i found this message. i have no choice. i cant forget you just like that as you are part of my memories. so why do i have throw all the memories away as i have been through it before. i know its hurt before. but you are the one who had bring the happiness and love to my life. you will be the one of the memorable memories of mine. i wonder if i never meet you maybe i wont know the meaning of life, friendship and love. i would like to thank you for all the change you have made in my life. Now i got a lot of friends and i found love. and i hope you so. i just want to know are you still remember me? will you forgive me? can we be friend back as you are the best friend i have ever had? i hope you will read this and get back to me soon. remember im always waiting for your forgiveness. :)


  1. :)) dont worry.. i fogive u all about us from the past.

    everyweekend im going to KULIM! meet my future fiance.. so u can meet me anytime when im in kulim >.<!

  2. sure. dtg kulim? stay mana skrg? fiance org kulim jgk yer ^^

  3. yups.. every weekend!
    yups.. orang taman selasih.. :)