Thursday, 15 December 2011

It is mine!

i wanna be heppy.
looks charming all day long.
i wanna be everyone best friend.
believing that love is true.
enjoying every single little things of my life.
freedom with limit.
no sorrow haunting.
forgetting all bout misery of life.
i dont care if nobody care me coz i dont care them too.

im still here, in this perfect world, living the life to the fullest, hope so, and my life, it just me and only me who deserve to decide whats life im going to live. im moron and surviving alone. im wearing my own slippers not yours. i eat in plate not on grave. my tounge in my mouth and its not yours. the skin is mine, you got one too. my colour is mine. so if u wanna ruin one life, please ruin yours not mine. because i already did and im not hoping it for the second times.

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